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Alaska Mature Driving Improvement

Alaska Senior Citizen Defensive Driving & Accident Prevention Program

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Alaska Mature Driving Improvement Program – Auto/Car Insurance Discount for Senior Drivers

If you’re a senior driver age 55 and older, you may qualify for an Auto insurance discount. The online Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course is easy, affordable, and for senior drivers age 55+.  This course is totally online.  You can sign up now and take the course in any increments you wish, at your own convenience.  We have a course available for all states, except Delaware.  Most of these state specific courses range from 2 hours to 6 hours in length.  Many are untimed, however. 


Most major auto insurance companies accept these programs for your senior safe-driver discount.  Be sure to check with your auto insurance agent or provider for more details.



A ValuePenguin article states that many insurance companies provide discounts to Alaska senior drivers age 55+ who take defensive driving classes, and the discounts typically range from 5% to 20% off your existing car insurance premium.

WalletHub has a reference article, as well as Nasdaq.


Alaska Mature Driver Course – Online!

The online mature driver program was designed with active senior drivers in mind. We’ll teach you safe defensive driving techniques, and even give you tips on ways to avoid mechanical problems! The material is divided into short chapters, using simplistic course material to make the content easy to learn and retain. Best of all, you have the freedom and flexibility of an online course – you can take the course at your own pace, and start and stop at your convenience.


Alaska Seniors Defensive Driving for an Auto Insurance Discount

The first step: contact your insurance provider and ask about discounts for taking a mature driver safety program. Many insurance companies offer these discounts, which will vary based on your state and insurance company.


The second step: complete our online course at your leisure. Upon completion, we’ll process your info in a timely manner and mail you a certificate of completion or one may be downloaded for some states. Keep one for yourself, and save one for your insurance provider.


The third step: contact your insurance agent, notify them of your certificate of completion, and receive a discounted monthly premium. It’s as simple as that!


Alaska Mature Driving Improvement Course

It’s undeniable that getting a traffic ticket is a stressful experience, and finding solutions to deal with that traffic violation can be equally difficult. Taking a driver improvement course is usually a huge hassle, as you’ll be forced to drive to a stodgy classroom and spend an entire afternoon (or even weekend) listening to a boring, uninspired lecture about driver improvement. The hassle can almost invalidate the value of getting your ticket dismissed or points removed from your driving record.


Fortunately, the online course the superior alternative to an in-class driver improvement course. Our online driver improvement courses offer the maximum drivers education with minimal hassle, so you get your ticket dismissed as soon as possible and get back on the road again.

    • Fully online for an unrivaled driver improvement program
    • Set your own schedule and pace to maximize learning
    • Simple, easy, and effortless to pass
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